Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty solar panels produce up to 30% less power! That’s of significant impact to your energy bill.

By leaving your solar panels unattended, you’re allowing them to accumulate dust, particles of air pollution, lichen and moss, debris, ocean salt and more.

You’re also at risk of voiding your warranty if these factors begin to affect the performance of your panels. Which does happen.


Our trained team of experts can provide you with a solar panel cleaning service that enables you to have the best possible functionality and longevity from your solar panels.


We have special tools for the job and we’ll take the necessary care to make sure that the job is done properly and with precision.


Gutter/Valley Cleaning/Storm Seal

The most common cause of leakage in the home comes from blocked Guttering and Valleys….


Build up of leaf matter and debris will cause blockages and overflows. Rusting of gutters is also a common issue, where water has become logged after blockages occur.


These are major problems for your home if water begins to pour over into the inside of your roof.


We can assist you by providing a gutter clean service, followed by sealing your valleys with a special bitmus foam, which sits in between the edges of your tiles or sheeting. In the case of rust, we can fully treat and replace any guttering that has been affected with a combination of methods including grinding and treating the rust with a convertor.


Anti-fungal applications

Especially in the case of roof tiles, the occurrence of lichen and moss is very common. The moisture in the clay tiles naturally attracts these issues, but can be treated swiftly and with ease by our team of expert roofers.


We’ll treat your roof with a powerful anti-fungal solution, before carrying out a more extensive clean.


The results speak for themselves in providing your roof with a brand new appearance.


Essential if you are looking to sell or let your home.

Roof Painting

Roof painting is a specialist job that requires an experienced level of craftsmanship to ensure that the job is carried out properly.


When done effectively, it can radically enhance and add value and security to your home.


Our team of experienced roofers will provide you with a service that includes preparing your roof by cleaning, repairing, priming and then applying the nominated colour paint to your roof.


We use the highest quality paints from Dulux (the most respected and renowned painting brand in Australia) to give peace of mind to our clients that they are dealing with the best quality products that are unrivalled in:


✓ Durability – against the sun, wind, rain and hail.


✓ Quality  – composition of the paint used. We only use paints made up of a minimum of 50% solid matter, as opposed to other, less effective exterior paints used by others.


✓ Longevity – our paints are able to withstand the high intensity conditions of heat and sun, with protection against cracking and peeling.

✓ 10 Year Gurantee – We offer a 10 year product guarantee so you can be certain that we stand behind the paints we use.


Roof Cleaning

We offer a full cleaning service for any type of roofing, using a high power pressure hosing system that allows us to remove any surface mould, lichen and debris from your existing roof structure.


For roofs that need more careful handling, such as older concrete tiled roofs, we recommend a gentler approach and offer an after service that includes sealing and painting.


The difference between a clean roof and one that has been neglected over time can be staggering!


Tiled roofs are especially prone to accumulating dirt and debris, and particularly in urban areas such as the Gold Coast and Brisbane, air pollution can make a big difference to your roofs condition, while coastal properties suffer with exposure to the salt.


A simple roof clean is a quick and affordable way to improve the immediate appearance of your home, and when combined with a full inspection, allows us to fully assess the current condition of your roof.


If you are looking to sell, rent or just improve the general appearance of your home, a routine roof clean is a simple and cost effective means of upkeep.