We’ll work alongside building contractors to make the very best of your home, both aesthetically and structurally.


We understand the importance of being part of a reliable, effective and efficient team when it comes to building and renovation and the services provided by Ryan Roofing for builders are carried out to the highest industry standards.


We can fully replace your tiled roof with new tiles or convert it into a metal roof which will not only add significant value, but also a greater level of security to your home and longevity to your roof.


We can also improve the look and function of your roof by  installing the following roof building features:

Roof Sarking

Roof sarking is a multi-layered, non-permeable membrane that is positioned under your roof tiles. It helps prevent wind driven rain and dust from getting into the roof cavity. Wooden battens are used to secure the sarking to the roof rafters and to allow assembly of the roof tiles on top of the sarking.


Sarking protects your home during the process of roof construction and after building by:


✓ Improving on-site work flow efficiency by allowing some internal tradesmen to commence work before the roof tiles are applied.


✓ Shielding your home from up to 97% of radiant heat when combined with an air-space, helping to provide a more energy efficient and comfortable home


✓ Protects your home from unseen mould growth, ceiling staining or permanent damage which can result from the entry of storm driven rain into the roof cavity as well as dust and draughts.


Guttering / Fascia

We are able to provide you with a range of guttering styles, with a wide range of colours and styles to suit your home.


Our experience in the industry means we only work with the highest quality products and manufacturers.  It’s also important to get an expert to install your guttering to ensure that the falls, joins and corners are all crafted together with absolute precision.


Designed especially to work with the harsh Australian climate, our guttering is made to withstand chipping, peeling and cracking.


It is termite resistant, watertight and secure. We can also replace or repair any types of fascia.  We also offer gutter guard and gutter cleaning maintenance.


Solar Panels

Solar is an increasingly popular feature of modern Australia and our team of expert roofers are fully qualified to install solar panels into new and existing roofs.


We’ll help you to assess the available roof space as well as the most effective location for the sun.


We’ll install your solar panels to the best Australian standards, so that you can be confident in getting the most from your panels in the long term.

Whirly Birds & Ventilation

Whirly birds provide a highly efficient means of ventilation for your roof, allowing for the exhaust of trapped hot air and moisture build up. They can also provide light into the roof, which can assist in deterring vermin.


Installing a skylight can make a huge difference to the natural light that comes into your home not to mention the drop in your power bill.


It also adds a great feature for ventilation and can turn your gloomy, dark room into an open living space boasting natural light.


Skylights can be a natural and energy efficient alternative to other electrical means of ventilation and cooling.


Our team can advise on the best skylights for use in your home and install them with the necessary attention to detail and craftsmanship for the job.

Weep Holes

Not all roofs are built with weep holes as a standard, but it is important for the overall functionality and maintenance of your home that they are present.


When not present, issues can arise with water logging, blocking and leaking into your ceiling and create serious damage to your home and your back pocket.


Our team of highly skilled workmen can drill weep holes into your existing roof.


TV Antenna

We can waterproof your TV Antenna for your home, to prevent any damage to your home.