Old, tired and faulty roofs are not only unsightly, they can also be a huge liability to the home, with the cost of unseen leaks amounting to what can be thousands of dollars worth of damage, let alone the safety implications of these problems.

Aesthetically, your roof can make up to 30% of your homes outside appearance, meaning that investing in its upkeep can make a significant difference to its visual appeal and market value.

We’ll pressure clean, repair, replace, re-paint, re-point, re-seal and re-coat your roof with the necessary amount of care and precision that it takes to do the job ‘properly’.

We’re not ‘handymen’ or ‘blow in’ roofers that are here one day and disappeared the next. We’re licensed professionals who have been around for the last 36 years and will be around for many more to come yet and we know how to ensure that the best possible job is made from your roof work.


Plus, you can rest assured that the job we do will stand the test of time.

Tile Roof Restorations

Tiled roofs take careful preparation when restoring, so the process involved is something that needs to be conducted in the right order and with the right tools and skills for the job.


Luckily, we’ve got it covered for you!


Over the years we’ve seen many changes in the roofing business and many tiled roofs are made up of older, cheaper concrete tiles that do not stand the test of time. 

We can fully replace your tiled roof with new tiles or convert it into a metal roof which will not only add significant value, but also a greater level of security to your home and longevity to your roof.


✓  We’ll replace ALL your cracked and broken tiles


We’ll use a high pressure cleaner to remove all of the unwanted debris, mould and lichen from your tiles.


✓ An anti-fungal treatment is then applied which kills all algae and moss spores to prevent gardens growing on your roof!


We’ll re-bed and re-point all of your ridge-caps if the job requires, using a flexible mortar that does not crack over time and movement. Our repoint is used to encapsulate all fibres and produce a better sheen level on top coats.  Our repoint mortar comes with a 7 year guarantee.


✓ A sealer is applied, to assist proper adhesion of the paint to the tiles so your roof looks better and lasts longer.


✓ We’ll then apply 2 coats of paint, of a colour of your choosing, from our (nominated product range)

Tin/Iron Roof Restorations

Where your roof is in need of a full renovation, we’ll re-roof the whole area for you, adding huge benefits to the appearance and structure of your home. Check out our Re-Roofing page for more options.


With our Tin/ Iron Roof Restorations and servicing, we can offer a complete process of cleaning, repairing and re-coating your roof.


When carrying out restoration work to your existing roof:


✓ We’ll sand away and treat any existing rust areas.


✓ We’ll clean your entire roof using our specialist pressure cleaner.


✓ We’ll replace entire sheets where necessary.


✓ We’ll replace all components that are deteriorating – like screws, guttering etc


✓ We’ll apply a brand new coat of primer and paint, with a colour of your choosing.

Restorations & Roof Painting

Roof painting is a specialist job that requires an experienced level of craftsmanship to ensure that the job is carried out properly.


When done effectively, it can radically enhance and add value and security to your home.


Our team of experienced roofers will provide you with a service that includes preparing your roof by cleaning, repairing, priming and then applying the nominated colour paint to your roof.


We use the highest quality paints from Dulux (the most respected and renowned painting brand in Australia) to give peace of mind to our clients that they are dealing with the best quality products that are unrivalled in:


✓ Durability – against the sun, wind, rain and hail.


✓ Quality  – composition of the paint used. We only use paints made up of a minimum of 50% solid matter, as opposed to other, less effective exterior paints used by others.


✓ Longevity – our paints are able to withstand the high intensity conditions of heat and sun, with protection against cracking and peeling.

✓ 10 Year Gurantee – We offer a 10 year product guarantee so you can be certain that we stand behind the paints we use.


Roof Cleaning

We offer a full cleaning service for any type of roofing, using a high power pressure hosing system that allows us to remove any surface mould, lichen and debris from your existing roof structure.


For roofs that need more careful handling, such as older concrete tiled roofs, we recommend a gentler approach and offer an after service that includes sealing and painting.


The difference between a clean roof and one that has been neglected over time can be staggering!


Tiled roofs are especially prone to accumulating dirt and debris, and particularly in urban areas such as the Gold Coast and Brisbane, air pollution can make a big difference to your roofs condition, while coastal properties suffer with exposure to the salt.


A simple roof clean is a quick and affordable way to improve the immediate appearance of your home, and when combined with a full inspection, allows us to fully assess the current condition of your roof.


If you are looking to sell, rent or just improve the general appearance of your home, a routine roof clean is a simple and cost effective means of upkeep.


What is Re-Pointing?


Pointing on a tiled roof is the layer of flexible cement material that goes over the top of the bedding mortar and joins the top ridge tile to the top row of tiles. The purpose of this is to increase the mortar’s hold on the roof tiles and provide a durable protection coating over the mortar to increase the life of the bedding. When we do a re-point, it simply means we go over the existing pointing layer with a new layer to freshen up the bond and cover up any damaged parts of the old layer that would cause water leaks. The quality of this flexible pointing layer has evolved so much in recent years. It used to be the same cement mortar that made up the bedding of your ridge tiles but this has now evolved into a compound that expands and contracts with changing weather conditions.


Why is this important?


Not only does this second layer provide an extra bond between your ridge cap and tiled roof but it also seals the roof against dust and water. Failing to re-point your roof every 7 to 10 years can make your roof much more susceptible to leaks, causing further damage to your property.


Is it necessary?


One of the most common problems with leaking tiled roofs stems from old and weathered pointing. We have recommended your property require a re-point, which means your existing pointing is damaged or missing which is the source of one or several water leaks in your roof. It is a crucial part of good roofing maintenance and will increase the longevity of your roof as well as give it a great fresh new look.



What is Re-Bedding?


Roof bedding is the cement mortar that holds the roof tiles in the place along the top ridge and hips of your tiled roof. It fixes your ridge cap to your top row of tiles and plays a crucial role in waterproofing your home. It is common for leaking roofs to require re-bedding if the existing bedding is old, damaged and or/ missing in areas.


Why is it so important?


Like anything over time, this bedding becomes subject to wear and tear and will eventually crack and come loose which may result in loose tiles, water leaks and leave your roof open to pests.


Is it necessary?


Our experienced roofers have inspected your property and have recommended it’s time to re-bed and re-point your roof. If you want to live under a dry roof, free from pests and avoid any loose tiles falling down from your roof, then yes, it is necessary. By having these repairs undertaken you are maximising the life of your existing roof as this process is important to do every 10 years. The cost of doing this periodically will save you in the long run as you avoid the need for a possible roof tile replacement.

Storm Seal

What is Valley Storm Seal?


Valley Seal is a compressible bitumastic strip used to seal the valleys. It prevents water and vermin from entering the roof space through the valley line. It is supplied in lengths and fitted to the valley iron before the tile cuts are positioned. When the cuts are lain onto Valley Seal it compresses and forms a seal that reduces the possibility of storm run-off overflowing the valley. Being bitumen impregnated Valley Seal actually adheres valley cuts to the valley iron.


Why is it important?


Deteriorated or missing valley seal leaves the valley line open so that water, debris and wildlife canenter into your roof space.


Is it necessary?


Our experienced roofers have inspected your property and have recommended a new installation of storm seal in your valley. If you want to live under a dry roof, free from pests and avoid water penetration impacting your property then yes, it is necessary. By having these repairs undertaken   you are maximising the life of your existing roof and protecting what’s underneath it.



Tired of having to pull out a drip bucket every time it rains? Let Ryan Roofing take a peek at your leak!

Determining the reason behind a leaking roof is not always an easy task as water can enter the roof in one place and run down to another before it starts soaking into the ceiling. Our qualified professionals are experts at sniffing out the true source of a leak – whether it be a result of damaged flashing, old tile clips, cracked ridge capping, deteriorated bedding, unsealed valleys, broken tiles, clogged gutters or missing weep holes.

Contact us today so we can help your home remain secure and dry!

Before the storm season

Before the storm season begins, prepare an emergency kit and trim tree branches well clear of your house. We can assist with making sure your gutters are clear of debris and don’t clog the flow of water through your downpipes. You can read more information here.

 After storm damage

We’ve all seen how powerful the storms along our coastline can get and our houses have to endure huge onslaughts from mother nature.


Especially when roofs have been left unattended for years on end, the impact of storm weather can be devastating on your home.


We provide a swift, call to action service that won’t leave you stranded when your home has incurred roof damage from storm weather.


Safety comes first, and the hazards of actually being on a roof in the midst of storm weather prevents us from conducting work whilst the storms is raging, but we can be the first on the scene once the weather allows.


We are available for you to contact us at any time on 1300 11 ROOF (7663)


Once you’ve given us the call, we will make you our first priority in getting your roof fixed.


This may mean putting in swift temporary measures that will tie you over until more extensive work can be carried out. We’ll also make sure that your entire roof is inspected for damage that may have occurred without immediate consequences.

Inspecting your roof after the storm

This is a service that is of great importance to every home owner, whether you have experienced immediate problems during a storm or not.


Very often, the damage done to roofs is not felt until later on, when the consequences become far greater. Gradual leaks and decay can be avoided by conducting a simple roof inspection after heavy storms. Future safeguard your home and family which will ultimately save you thousands of dollars over time.


Things YOU can do in the interim period before we arrive

Observe your roof from the perimeter of your home – How does it look?


Has it visibly changed in any way?


Is there any sign of sagging?


Are there tiles/ panels missing or broken?


Observe your ceiling – are there any patches that indicate a potential leak or damp areas?


Observe your walls – are there any signs of cracks or leaks?


Is there mould or warping?