With extreme weather events being a common factor of life on the East Coast, it is of paramount importance that your home and roof are safeguarded against the elements.

This means, not only having a secure and stable infrastructure in place, but also paying attention to the basic maintenance and upkeep of your roofs condition.


We cannot stress enough, the value in taking seriously the small measures available to safeguard your home.


By investing in your roofs upkeep annually, you can save yourself $1000’s in the longer term. Not to mention keeping you and your family safe.


We provide a comprehensive range of services that ensure that your roof is safe and ready for the onslaught of extreme weather when it hits.


Our recommended approach to preparing your roof includes regular annual Inspections, which result in tending to minor servicing issues such as cleaning, painting, sealing and carrying out any necessary repairs.


By ensuring that these measures are taken to keep your roof in its optimum condition throughout the year, you can rest in the knowledge that your roof will act as the necessary protection for your home.

Routine checks for condition

By ensuring that regular annual checks are made to your roof, you can rest assured that the safety and value of your home is being preserved.

Whether you’re an estate agent, body-corp or home owner, we’ll work with you and for you to make sure that the upkeep of your home is maintained.


We keep a database of your previous inspections and can provide you with a scheduled timely reminder when you’re next clean or inspection is due, so you can leave the worry to us!


We’ll give you a detailed assessment of the condition of your roof including photographic evidence of any issues that we’ve found.


Once we’ve inspected your roof, we’ll schedule any work that may need doing directly with you and the rest is up to us.


You can be confident that the work we’ll carry out for you will be done with expert, swift and efficient means, so that you won’t experience any unnecessary disturbances to your day or week.

Reports prior to selling

Selling your property means ensuring that it is in a suitable condition for inspection.

This needn’t necessarily mean outlaying huge costs before making your sale, but it does mean that you will have to account for the condition of the roof to the agent or buyer.


We have a total of over 60 years combined experience in the roofing industry and as such, we can provide you with swift, accurate and comprehensive reports that will assist you in making the sale of your property a smooth one.